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Playing with Barbies & Showing Off Our “Outstanding” Style

At T Style Photography, one can never have too much Style.  Last year, I introduced you all to Miss AfroDiTea T. Style.  She would accompany me to a few shoots as my style assistant.    Since the end of last summer, she’s been traveling the world studying fashion, sipping exotic teas and wine, meeting interesting people, […]

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“Today’s 50’s Style Rockabilly Bride”….A Commercial Shoot

Hey ya’ll!  I hope everybody is doing well.  Things continue to rock n’ roll along in the world of T Style.  Speaking of rockin’, I recently did some Commercial Photography for The Astor Classics Event Center. The theme was “Today’s 50’s Style Rockabilly Bride”.  My first visit to The Astor was back in April for […]

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, How does your garden grow? With patent pumps, and stylish accessories And pretty girls all in a row. …well, it’s true.  Spring is here and it’s time for one of the most relaxing things to do this time of year, which is gardening.  I can’t remember one spring, summer or fall […]

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